Dorset EDG History

Welcome to Dorset Community Economic Development Group Inc. (Dorset EDG) web site.

Dorset Municipality is located in north eastern Tasmania, Australia, an area rich in the natural attributes of beautiful landscapes of mountains, forests and coastline, and also excellent resources conducive to the economic prosperity of the population.

Production from the area comprises mainly agricultural and forest products and in recent years, there has been some centralisation of the processing of those products resulting in a loss of some secondary industry in the area.

In response to this, the Dorset Community Economic Development Group Inc. (Dorset EDG) was established in 2003 to promote and facilitate enterprises to take advantage of the many excellent economic opportunities the district offers.

Dorset EDG is managed by a volunteer board of local persons with a diverse involvement in business, agriculture and local Government.

The organisation was initially funded by a donation from Simplott Australia as a form of compensation to the district after it's closure of the Scottsdale vegetable processing facility.

This funding was added to by State and Federal Governments, and Dorset EDG was able to employ an Executive Officer to manage the organisation. The Tasmanian Government continues to fund this position on a year to year basis, which is unfortunately not conducive to the engagement of a long term Executive Officer to further the work of Dorset EDG.

The early role of Dorset EDG was to administer the funds from Simplott in the form of a local small business development grant scheme. A board committee assessed proposals for displaced Simplott employees wanting to establish self employment enterprises, and approved small assistance grants accordingly.

When this pool of grant funding was exhausted, Dorset EDG turned to investigating bigger picture commercial developments for Dorset. The role of the organisation in this period has been one of facilitation, whereby the volunteer board has worked to bring potential developers together with local stakeholders to explore new development opportunities in the region.

While many and varied opportunities have been pursued, the re-hashing of some previous investigation into water development and dairying has shown the most promise of any of Dorset EDG's work.  


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