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Dorset EDG / Tasmanian Government Steering Committee on irrigation development


This steering committee has completed it's work, and handed over all reports received to the Tasmanian Minister for Primary Industries and Water David Llewellyn.

The project is now in the hands of the Tasmanian Irrigation Development Board, and the role of Dorset EDG will be to assist the TIDB wherever possible to progress the project.




Dorset EDG Press Releases


November 29 2008 - Launceston Examiner Head To Head column.
Dorset EDG was invited by the Examiner to submit a contribution to this column. Dorset EDG understood that the copy submitted would be published without any deletions. However, it was heavily edited. The full text submitted by Dorset EDG can be seen here.


November 20 2008 - Announcement from Dorset EDG Chairman Tas Rainbow of resuilts of Steering Committee assessment of irrigation potential. (Available after 1 pm)


12th August 2008 - commenting on State and Federal industry support package for North East Tasmania.


6 July 2008 - commenting on Auspine sawmill closure.




Dorset EDG notices and archived documents



Association Rules

Dorset EDG Association rules were updated at a Special General Meeting held on 14th July 2008.
Dorset EDG was initially formed as a body to assist in the re-deployment of displaced Simplot employees in 2003. It has evolved into a broader community economic development body, and it's rules were amended to more appropriately reflect Dorset EDG's current modus operandi. Provision was also made in the new rules to include a Dorset Council nominee as a designated position on the Dorset EDG board. The revised Dorset EDG Association Rules can be viewed here.

Membership of Dorset EDG is available to all persons on the Dorset municipality electoral role or General manager's role. Nomination to Active Membership procedures are explained in the Association Rules, and a nomination form for Active Membership can be viewed and printed here.

Nomination forms for Members of the Executive Committee (ie the Board, elected at AGM) can be viewed and printed here. 


Other Documents

2007 Annual Report available in pdf format.

2008 Annual Report in pdf format

Executive Officers Report to Board Feb 2013 in pdf format


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