Dorset EDG current status


The Dorset EDG Executive Officer position has been funded by the Tasmanian Government since August 2008, and the position has been filled by Howard Nichol since July 2010.

Tasmanian Government funding for this position has been withdrawn from April 2013, and sadly Howard Nichol has resigned from Dorset EDG and taken alternative employment.

Dorset EDG will continue to function in a limited capacity without any salaried administative support.

Dorset EDG board is a voluntary group of business and professional persons with a passion for promoting economic development in the Dorset municipality.

Board members receive no remuneration, and all have heavy personal work committments. With no executive support in place the organisation is considering whether it has the capacity to continue exploring economic development opportunities in the area of Tasmania that has lost more jobs than any other over recent years, that is the North East.

Dorset EDG is currently involved in numerous projects that have potential to bring significant employment growth to Dorset. Cultivating these opportunities typically takes years of effort, and building and maintaining the appropriate linkages is full time work. The ongoing collabaration that is required cannot work with the engagement of a fly in / fly out consultant. Losing the expertise of Howard Nichol puts much of Dorset EDG's prior work at risk, and this is a tragedy for the region.

The Board of Dorset EDG wishes to publicly acknowledge the value of work undertaken by Howard Nichol over the last 3 years. Every opportunity small or large has been teased out in detail, and numerous major projects have been completed or are in progress. We wish Howard ongoing success in his newly appointed position.

In the absence of an Executive Officer, a number of Dorset EDG board members have committed to take a role in the most important ongoing projects of Dorset EDG. See below a list of relevant contacts.

Relevant Dorset EDG board member contacts


Dorset EDG Office

Postal address: PO Box 21, Scottsdale Tasmania 7260
Telephone: 6352 6544 (Answering service only)
Mobile: 0438 317 758 (Answering service only)
email: EDG@dorset.tas.gov.au (All email will be re-directed to the Chairman)

Dorset EDG Chairman

Stephen Love
PO Box 20, Scottsdale TAS 7260
0419 522 777

Upper Ringarooma Irrigation Scheme

Jeremy Carins (Chairman, Upper Ringarooma Irrigation Scheme working group)
0438 532 215

Scottsdale Irrigation Scheme

Tas Rainbow (Chairman, Scottsdale Irrigation Scheme working group)
0418 123 028

Centre for Food Innovation

Jan Hughes
03 6352 3723

North East Agricultural Study

Robin Thompson
0408 129 371

Business marketing support

Ross Jacobson



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