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The Dorset district covers approximately 3,196 square kilometers in north-east Tasmania. Dorset is bordered by Break O'Day municipality on its eastern, southern and south-eastern boundary, George Town on its western boundary, City of Launceston municipality on its south western boundary and is bound to the north by the coast and Bass Strait.

Dorset is a proud, stable and self-reliant rural municipality primarily involved with agriculture, forestry and associated industries with a small amount of mining, fishing and a growing tourism industry.

The district had a population of 6979 in 2001, an increase of about 5.5% from a population of 6613 in 1986. The administrative and main service centre of Dorset is at Scottsdale with a population of 1874. Bridport, a retirement and holiday village on the coast north of Scottsdale has a population of 1352. The many other rural and coastal villages throughout the district all have populations less than 500.

One of the districts outstanding qualities is the spectacular diversity of landforms and ecosystems, including coastal geomorphology with extensive complex dunes, rolling rural landscapes and precipitous mountains with a broad range of vegetation types. The district is well endowed with natural resources boasting large areas of high fertility soils, native and plantation forests, abundant but relatively undeveloped water resources and significant undeveloped coastal resources.

The district enjoys a cool temperate climate The average annual rainfall is 983 mm at Scottsdale but much higher in the in the mountainous areas. The district has long daylight hours in summer (maximum 15 hours 10 minutes) and warm summer temperatures (mean monthly maximum summer temperature, 21.8degrees in February) ideal conditions for intensive agriculture and silviculture.

The Dorset district offers a relaxed and enviable lifestyle and a broad range of recreational opportunities such as traditional team sports, coastal pursuits, trail riding, bushwalking, and cycling and other pastimes including hobby farming.

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